blackjack tips: Figuring out Home Part, Possibility & Ways to Have great results

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Every player in the round and also the croupier each receive an open card. Each player then receives another card. No other card is provided for the dealer. Now the player who sits to the left of the dealer begins.

The player can now demand as many cards as necessary until he is of the opinion that he is close to the number 21. With the commands “Hit” or “Carte” the player announces that he wants to take up more cards. The commands “Remnants” or “Stand” indicate that the player does not want any more cards.

If the player has exceeded the number 21, he must hand over all cards and the stake to the croupier. In technical jargon, the term “bust” is used to indicate that the player has miscalculated.

If you want to double your stake, then you’re talking about a double down. You place your new bet next to the previous one. The term “surrender” stands for the task. You draw a straight line under the cards with your index finger. This signals to the rest of the playgroup that you are leaving the game and giving up.

The surrender option is not allowed in all blackjack games. If you have bad starting cards, you can decide on the task and get half of the stake back.

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