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Istanbul Airport External Lines Terminal Terminal with our valuable guests Meeting at 05:25 in the Cappatur counter. After the completion of tickets and baggage transactions, Turkish Airlines TK1853 flights to Barcelona at 7:25 AM to Barcelona to Barcelona to Barcelona to Barcelona on the arrival. In this course, Paseyo de Gracia, Plaza de Catalunya, La Ramblas is located outside the outside. Romanian, Arab and Christian cultures in the west coast of the Mediterranean, the port city of Barcelona masterpieces in the Tureyo de Gracia, Gaudi, which is made by Gaudi, the Sagra de Familia Church, Plaza de Catalunya, La Ramblas, Old Harbor and Colon Square in the port. It is among the places of sight. Transfer to our hotel after our hotel.

Our guests will take advantage of our guests in our hotel after breakfast, guests will be held as an alternative to Girona & Figueres & Dali Museum Tour. Here we will tour the Salvador Dali Museum with the odd and striking images in the world famous. Following our hotel in Barcelona, ​​we can join our hotel in Barcelona. After an unforgettable night by sipping your drinks with Flamenco and folklore dances, transferred to our hotel and overnight stay in our hotel.

After the morning breakfast and the morning we will receive in our hotel. We can join the Zaragoza tour that will be organized on the road to Madrid as our guests passing from Barcelona to Madrid. We are going to the old town of Arrid. Move to Madrid, after our arrival, we are making a Madrid panaromical tour. In Madrid Panaromic Tour; Taurus wrestling, Flamenco dances and colorful nightlife with an interesting holiday center, Plaza de Espagna, Puerto de Alcala is placed in Puerto de Alcala by bus panoromically. After our panaromical tour, our transfer to our hotel is taking place. Overnight on our hotel.

After the morning breakfast we will receive in our hotel is free time. Our guests can participate in the tour of the Madrid masterpiece, which will be organized as an alternative to our guests and our private vehicle. Royal Palace, Spain Square, Opera House, Almudena Cathedral, Plaza Mayor, Left Square, Kibele Square is among the top 3 museums in the world, is located in the Prado Museum (outside), Neptun Cesmings and Spain’s Single Botanical Bahceli Train Station atocha attractions attractions . Then, our guests who wish Alternatively can join the Segovia tour with our guide and our private vehicle. In this tour, the dazzling city is also a memorable day. Segovia Cathedral, Roman water belts are the inspiration of the roasts in the famous Disneyland logo, the Alcazar Palace, the Inspiration, is situated in the Jewish Quarter.

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