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The reason for a fight is unknown, but it was so bad that Kristy decided to leave without her husband.

They listed $ 137 million mansions in the Palm Beach built in the 1930s last summer. The house has a total of six bedrooms and a 15-meter long living room.

The other top model that makes the list is Katsia Zingarevich. A small girl was given a business card by the modeling agency in Russia in a cafe in Russia and although it was irrelevant to the modeling career, it was a person who has been convinced to be worth it. . In 2009, Katsia, who is ready to be single and ready to mingle, then Plymouth Argyle in the UK is playing football with Emile Mpenza. There was a two stormy relationship and he ended up quickly that year. In 2010, the husband was the secret angel of Victoria immediately before I met Anton and she said he had clearly successful in his career. Husband Anton Zingarevich was a Football Club called Reading FC and had a value close to the net $ 5 billion before leaving the club. Although married with Billionaire, he is still in the Ford Models in New York and Paris.

If an 81-year-old single man will ask for a wish you could ask a young and beautiful mate. Phillip Ruffin has a billion dollar casino, petroleum production company, real estate and hound racetrack in Las Vegas. 2, worth $ 4 billion and lucky man, is married with an Ukrainian model and player at Oleksandra Nikolayenko. Not simple, Oleksandra has read law and joined charitable projects to give back to his community. They just don’t have their minds and beautiful looks. Although it is from Ukraine, English speaks Russian and its native language. Oleksandra, in 2004, Miss Ukraine Universe and Miss Liked as popular.

Chelsea Clinton is not the only good friend we know Ivanka Trump. Dasha Zhukova is one of the roman Abramovich, one of the richest men of Russia worth $ 8, $ 5 billion, worth the forbes. Binary, held their marriages for the first six years of harmful marriage.

In the winter of 2014, the Wall Street Journal has published an article stating that they meet in 2005 and that they were married after a few years.

Dasha is a magazine editor for Garage and joined opening activities after Donald Trump has been invited by Ivanka.

In 2014, Dasha was caught on a scandal after making a picture taken on a black woman who is located on a chair positioned as a Russian fashion magazine called Buro 24/7.

Both Dasha and the publication were accepted as racist, but then “this photo published completely on the context, especially in a commentary of gender and racial politics, is a statement that has published a statement.

2 Do you remember the cute Japanese model in Fast 2 Furious? Although the name of Devon Aoki, and James Bailey is followed by Sin City and Mutant Chronicles in Sin City and Mutant Chronicles, although it was a successful model in Hit movies.

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