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The motherland of tobacco is the continent of America. By tobacco locals were used as incense in religious ceremonies and chewing in the mouth. Then began to drink with various methods. After the discovery of Kristof Colomb’s discovery in 1492, the continental locals were used only in religious ceremonies in the religious ceremonies were brought to Europe in 1518. In countries where tobacco enters, it was recognized as an ornament and healing plant. The later was to be used as pipo, cigar, hookah, snuff, chewing tobacco and cigarettes. After this form of use, spread all over the world very quickly.

The Ottoman lands entered tobacco British and Venetian vessels between 1600-1605. Tobacco production in Anatolia was the first time in Izmir’s Selcuk district. It was officially started to be used in 1612. The production of tobacco in 1621 was banned by the young Osman. Prohibitions turned into a large pressure during the IV Murat period, thousands of people were killed due to tobacco. The Bahai Efendi, who is also tobacco drinker, has released the use of tobacco with a fetva in 1646.

In the Ottoman, which cannot prevent the use of tobacco using the prohibition, he made the first official taxation in 1688. In 1690 tobacco sowing areas in the country were recorded. Ottoman tokacco, which has been searched in Europe, was exported to the first time in 1696 and created an important income gate. In parallel with the increase in revenue, the increase in the production of the producers, together with the increase in the number of tobacco cultivation is rapidly spreading.

Between 1768-1774, the Ottoman Empire was succumbed to the Ottoman State in the Ottoman-Russian War. Between the two states, the Minor Boiling Treaty signed on 1774 was given independence to Crimea. Russia was actually wanted to add Crimea to their land and reached this purpose on 1783 Between 1853-1856, between 1853-1856, between 1853-1856 and 1853-1856 among the Ottoman Empire, who wants to get back to the crims again. Britain and France to keep Russia away from Europe and the Mediterranean and France took place on the Ottoman side in this battle.

After all, the Ottoman Empire coming out of this war on the paper, actually came out with a huge damage from this war. Due to the weakening economy, it was very expensive in 1854 to carry out the first foreign debt in 1854. In 1859, bureaucrats were brought from England and France in 1859 to correct financial issues to abuse. Just like today’s IMF experts to seek solution to the economy!

By prohibiting tobacco imports with the trade agreement signed between the Ottoman Empire and the United Kingdom with France and the United Kingdom, the first time in 1862 was established in 1862 for tobacco, “inhisar = TEKEL” was stated tobacco work. Although all efforts have been borrowed after the war cannot be corrected by the financial situation. 15 separate external borrowings until 1874. The Ottoman Empire has a habit of external debt in every economic distress experienced.

The Ottoman State could not use the debts he received efficiently. As the debts cannot pay the principal, he can’t pay their interests. In 1874 the state has come to the brink of bankruptcy.

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