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Look at Manny … What do they have what I don’t have? ” he is said.

In Miami, Frank Lopez (Robert Loggia) man (Robert Loggia) of Frank Lopez (Robert Loggia), Omar (F. Murray Abraham) wants to rent them for a simple commodity work. But Tony doesn’t want these little jobs. Omar also decides to use them in a cocaine-money exchange to be carried out with a Colombian group. In the hotel room designated as the place of appointment, Tony’s appearance will appear when the Columbians will take the money and put on the goods as well. Colombians are tony to know one of the young children who know Tony from Cuba and are chopped in front of his eyes with his eyes with electrical saw. Survivors of this bad situation, albeit, the Colombian master executed in the middle of the street.

Tony has entered Lopez’s eye, but Lopez doesn’t neglect him to put his first rule: “Know it. Overduppate than has its share. ” This is the first warning for Tony. Lopez speaks to him more than two important rules: “Understanding the greed of others” and “Finding the malle of the malle you sell” … But after a while, Lopez will chew its first rule first rule. By underestimating Tony’s greed …

Tony after a period of time and has attracted white teams like Lopez. He goes to the America to see the mother and the sister Gina (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio). Actually the purpose is to take more air. “Your son tore the mother” and puts $ 1,000 on the table. The mother is not affected by this and fires Tony from his home. However, the eye of the sister Gina is also high as Tony.

De Palma’s long final, such as a cinnet video, the intense attack of Tony Montana to Tony Montana to Tony Montana and the uncontrolled rage of Montana, and the director of Montana’s uncontrolled rage zooms in to the scenes of the ritualized violence of PECKINPAH movies …

Montana tells himself around the fast food scene: “You are in need of guys like me. Thus it is the finger-showing the bad guy in this course. But you are not good bluer … You just know how to hide, lie well. I didn’t say that my way. I always tell the truth. Even when I lie … Let’s see the bad guy good night … Let’s see a bad man that is more difficult. ” Stone is the best tirad written in this movie …

“The injured face” series an American gangster’s long, epic story with almost all the details. The Oliver Stone written the scenario of Palma and the film is extremely convincingly showing that a ‘foreigner in the United States from Miami in the pocket without five benefits in the pocket. In addition to Cuban and Colombia, they will also criticize American capitalism, which is the great contribution of the American dream in person. The whole film is both Greek tragedia and William Shakespeare’s III. It is possible to resemble Richard. The film is carried by the inspirations from both sources.

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