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The LeeGo Group explained how well it has been performing in 2020 – but to get rid of the 69-page annual report, here is a dump of all the important numbers.

Sales, 21 billion DKK (roughly 43.7 billion £) increased by 4.95% compared to the previous year (£ 43.7 billion) compared to the previous year – 13% of 2019 or the effect of exchange rates are excluded by 16% increase. The operating profit and net profit increased by 19%, respectively, 12.9 billion DKK (£ 1.49 billion) and 9.9 billion DKK (£ 1.14 billion).

The company’s expenses increased from 9.79 million DKK in 85 (£ 2019 million) to 47.5 million min (£ 2020 million) and this resulted in 12.5 billion DKK (£ 1.44 billion) before tax. These expenditures were 3.3 billion DKK (380 million £) undergraduate and royalty fee, 8.4 billion DKK (967 million £) were research and development of employee salaries and pensions of 937 million DKK (£ 108 million).

Then he paid 2.6 billion DKK (£ 299 million) as the corporate tax and this represents a very small increase in the tax bill for 276 billion DKK (£ 2019 million) for 2.4. This is because the company has increased to 20.7% in 20.7 due to changes in various global markets in various global markets as the general effective tax rate decreased from 2019 in 22.7%.

The LEGO Group has obtained a return of 4.02% of the investment capital in 34.9, as compared to the previous year’s 75.3 billion min (2020 billion £), 37.2 billion DKK (4.28 billion £). Later, 2019 increased the production capacity of Hungary and Mexico factories by meeting the investment of 1.8 billion DKK (£ 207 million) to property and equipment.

The total number of employees also increased from 18.800 to 2020 at the end of 2019 at the end of 2020 and reversed most of the approximation of approximately 2017 disclosed in 1,500. The first decline in sales of the lego group about ten years.

Dividend Payment Lego The shareholders of the group in April 2021 will remain consistent with 8 billion min (£ 921 million in April 2020) or 400,000 min (£ 46,075) as paid as 1,000 DKK (£ 115). CEO Niels B. Christiansen and the Board of Directors were awarded by 2.3 million min (£ 2019 million in £ 2019 million), which represents 5.87 million DKK (£ 20 million) in 51.

Meanwhile, the company’s manager leadership team received 14.7 million DKK (£ 2020 million) on 128 salaries, retirement monthly and both short and long-term incentives and bonuses. This figure also affects severance compensation and 12 million DKK (£ 1.4 million) spent on a ‘other time-behaving’.

You can review all of the 2020 years of report as follows: by clicking here. The best selling five themes from the financial statement of this year are the best selling five themes, extremely successful launch Lego Super Mariove expansion commitment to Lego Group continuously growing retail presence of the Lego Group in more than 100 new brand stores 2021.

First I love to think of myself as a journalist, second as Lego fan, but we all know that this is not really the case. Nevertheless, the journalism is passing through my veins, just like a kind of odd literary blood – without a doubt the kind of stress that will lead to a stress sourced heart disorder. Like smoking, just worse. Fortunately I will write about Lego until then. @Fotomac you can follow me on Twitter.

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